Organic foods can enhance your health

The great advantage of prioritizing these foods is that they are healthy, natural and rich in nutrients.

They do not contain pesticides, and this does not affect the nutritional value of food, on the contrary in fact.

Another difference of organic is that they are usually harvested a few days before consumption, and this makes them arrive at your table much fresher and with the natural characteristics of foods that grow in their due time and place.

Be very careful when choosing because there is a difference between Organic and Natural.

A ‘natural’  product is not necessarily organic, in that, while it comes from nature, that does not mean that it is free of pesticides. The difference is in the certification.

An organic certification assures people that foods labeled as “organic” have been produced according to the standards of organic farming.

Understand now what benefits our body receives by consuming them:

When we use organic products, the body is less likely to suffer allergic and respiratory crises, hormonal disorders, obesity, neurological problems and even cancer.

Organic foods have higher nutritional value. Their nutrient concentration is up to 20 times higher than that observed in common foods

Organic fruits and vegetables can have up to 40% more antioxidants (which act by preventing free radicals from “oxidising”, i.e. injuring or damaging our cells) than conventional plants.

The food is tastier because they have not undergone changes caused by chemicals.

One of the biggest difficulties faced by consumers who seek this food is the price.

This is because the production costs of organic products are still very high compared to traditional production.

But taking care of food is an investment that we will reap in the long run.

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