Learn How Acupuncture Can Help You Reverse the Loss of Libido

Sex is inherent in the life of any couple. That’s why it’s so important that we are always looking for pleasure and stimulating our desires.

But, some people may experience loss of libido, which leads to a lack of desire to have sex and, in more serious cases, to a possible crisis in the relationship.

There are many causes of this problem, such as hormonal imbalances, lumps, genital infections, use of some medications that cause side effects (both in men and women) and also some psychological causes such as relationship wear, stress, etc.
What many don’t know is that this disorder can be reversed with well-known techniques. One example is acupuncture.

This technique advocates that mental health is closely linked to sexual health.

Sex is as important as food, sleep, thirst and physiological needs, as the activity makes us happier, patient, healthy and less prone to diseases.

The treatment promotes an increase in the production of pleasure hormones such as endorphins, which relax, calm and make us happy; serotonin, which has a profound effect on mood and anxiety; and noradrenaline, which induces physical and mental excitement, activating the pleasure center.

In addition, it increases estrogen and testosterone, important hormones for libido.
Applications are made with very fine (disposable) needles, being almost painless.
The ideal is to do one session per week at least and in some cases even twice a week.

Anyone who has already used the technique guarantees that the results are impressive.

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