Juice for cough and phlegm

Being healthy is easier than we think. Yes, you do have to take action and go to the supermarket and prepare things.

There is no magic pill.

No supplement has the same power as having a good diet.

If you have been experience lots of phlegm a good juice recipe is:

Pinneapple – 1/3 of a slice

Ginger – a small slice without the skin

Chia seeds – 1 tb spoon

Blend the ingredients with water or coconut water. Drink it all. Everyday until the mucus has cleared it all.

Pineapple has an enzyme bromelain that breaks down phlegm and reduces swollen specially of the noses and sinuses.

Ginger has anti inflammatory properties and is specially good for cold flu during cold weather. It also warms up the body while improving circulation.

Chia seeds are rich em Omega 3 another anti inflammatory and many other nutrients that help building up the immunity of the body.

That is it! Simple! Healthy!

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