How Acupuncture Helps Me With Aging

It is inevitable that we age, but it is possible for it to happen more healthily through acupuncture.

Today I’m going to clarify two very important concepts that will surely bring you relief from the fear of getting old:

🔺The ageing of the body and how acupuncture can help in this process, helping one to live longer, more healthily and with greater vigour.

🔺The factors that contribute to cell aging and the benefits that acupuncture and nutrition can offer in this process.

So let’s go!

On the first point:

As the years pass and old age approaches, some damage occurs due to errors in cell division or damage by aggressive molecules.

Organs start to weaken such as: Liver, Heart, Kidneys, Lung, and consequently the muscles become more fragile because they don’t receive enough oxygen.

The immune system cannot generate sufficient killer cells and the risk of getting sick is greater.

The brain, on the other hand, does not process stimuli, affecting memory and a series of factors occurring in the motor system, which fails to function as it should.

This whole process makes the body’s vitality diminish.
But how does acupuncture contribute to all this?

Acupuncture has an energetic power that is conducive to our body’s correct functioning, driving energy through specific points, revitalising our inner organs and also changing our lifestyle.

As it has no contraindications, it has profound effects and, best of all, in a natural way!

It has a fundamental role in pain and improves the body’s functionality, helping the body to absorb more oxygen, leading to fantastic results in boosting immunity.

It allows the elderly to reduce the amount of medication they take because it doesn’t overload already debilitated organs and systems. Therefore, it does not have undesirable side effects.

For healthier ageing, youngsters can and should benefit from acupuncture now, collaborating with the organs of the body to have more vitality.

Having understood all this, let’s go to the second point:

Factors that contribute to cell ageing and the benefits that acupuncture and nutrition can offer in this process –

Cellular ageing involves interactions between hormonal, nutritional, genetic and metabolic factors. Consequently, the biggest cause of aging is caused by oxidative stress.

In the body, there is an imbalance between oxidising and pro-oxidant agents, causing an accumulation of free radicals, thus leading the cell to death.

Oxidative stress produced by these chemicals can damage cells and tissues.

Acupuncture increases lipid peroxidation in the liver and kidney and simultaneously exerts a significant protective effect against oxidative stress by means of the links between the organs via specific points.

Nutrition helps to block the harmful effects of free radicals through ingestion of antioxidant foods.

So far we understand that the precise use of acupuncture is beneficial to our lives as a very powerful means of promoting natural and healthy ageing.

In certain acupuncture points there is a significant means of creating balance in the body.

It is my hope that this information will help you to become aware of the importance of Oriental medicine and its valuable health benefits.

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