Healthy eating for the holidays

Healthy eating x New Year’s Eve

The end of the year is right around the corner and the parties pack this time, which in addition to bringing family and friends together, has a lot of food involved. But, do you need to stop eating to maintain a healthier diet? Of course! The ideal is to know how to balance, respecting your will and the health of your body.

Fraternization parties, Christmas, New Year… It’s not easy to stay focused when the menu is so varied.
Thinking about it, I’ve separated some tips that can help you eat with balance and moderation, while enjoying a little bit of everything.

  • Don’t make restrictions during the day

Many people stop eating during the day to eat at parties at night and this is a mistake.

Not eating enough during the day can increase your feeling of hunger and encourage you to eat a lot more.

Therefore, eat properly throughout the day.

Eat small portions and lighter foods, such as meat and salad, yogurt with fruits, nuts, for example.

  • Invest in vegetables and salads
    That is a great option to eat before the main course.

Choose different leaves and complements like cherry tomatoes, chestnuts, even chickpea and lentil salad are super tasty and nutritious.

Be careful with sauces based on sour cream, mayonnaise or cheese.

If possible, season with olive oil, lemon and a little salt.

  • Choosing the meat

Prefer meats like chicken and turkey, but remember to remove the skin next to the meat.

Because there is a large concentration of fat. And of course, you don’t have to overdo it.


Invest in fruits!
There is nothing better than incorporating them into dessert.

In addition to being able to eat fresh, how about making a delicious fruit salad? Gelatin is also a good option.

-Eat with balance

You can see that it is possible to maintain, as far as possible, a healthy diet at the end of year festivities, right?

Balance is the keyword and whenever you have a lighter option, choose it.

And if you want to start 2023 with a lighter life and a balanced diet, count on me! I’m ready to help you.

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