Decreased Sexual Desire and Acupuncture

Studies show that libido has decreased in recent years, especially in younger generations.

Most of the complaints related to sexuality are of lack of sexual desire.

Although decreased sexual desire as well as impotence, premature ejaculation or difficulty reaching orgasm are related to sexual function or sexual organs, according to Traditional Chinese Medicine sexuality is a complex intersection of biological, psychological, energetic factors.

Imbalances in our vital energy – Qi – and in our basic polarities – Yin and Yang, for TM, can lead to low libido.

Deficient Kidney Qi and Yang are among the main causes, given the kidney’s energetic relationship with the genitals and sexual desire.

The Heart, which harbors the Shen (Mind) and the Liver, and controls the flow of our vital energy – Qi – in our body, is easily disturbed by stress, agitation and daily frustrations. And this can also cause low libido.

Among the imbalances, known as Disharmony Patterns, which can cause decreased sexual desire are:

– Kidney Yang Deficiency

– Kidney Qi Deficiency

– Heart Qi Deficiency

– Liver Qi Stagnation

Through acupuncture and nutrition we can nourish Qi and Yang for those who have kidney and/or heart deficiency and circulate vital energy – Qi – which is stagnant in the Liver.

In this way, vital energy and sexual energy flow again in satisfactory quantities.

Therefore, Acupuncture and Nutrition are particularly useful and efficient ways to treat decreased sexual desire.

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