Cupping Therapy

Many athletes and famous people are getting cupping therapy and showing the marks. So you wonder what is that big purple round marks? Is that painful?

These purple marks are from Cupping Therapy, a technique that is used not only in Chinese Medicine Tradition but also in all South East Asia.

The technique uses a vacuum to decompress tissues that are tightened and restricted.

It pulls stagnant blood and material up to the surface of the body where there is more metabolic activity and it is easy to metabolize that waste material.

At the same time it creates more space on that tissue, bringing new blood and fluids into that area.

With cupping those tissues are receiving new nutrients and have a better chance to be nourished and to heal faster.

The marks fades within a week up to 3 months ( depends on the intensity) and it does not hurt. It actually feels really nice and most of the patients tend to love it!

Have you tried?

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