Acupuncture in the prevention and treatment of breast cancer:

For some women just the possibility of discovering a lump in the breast is already something distressing, because the fear of cancer is huge.

Therefore, many women prefer not to perform self-examination or, when finding a lump, choose to wait for it to disappear, thus impeding the most efficient combat – even without the need for surgery – which occurs when the disease is discovered and treated soon after the first symptoms appear.

In the month that marks “October Rose”, a campaign worldwide known for the defense of the rapid diagnosis of the second leading cause of cancers in women, I want to tell you about the importance of awareness and how traditional Chinese medicine can help people with the disease.

Currently, in at least 25% of women who are diagnosed with cancer the disease has reached the breasts. Therefore, this campaign has great importance to make the female public aware of the dangers and also everything that can help in the process.

Acupuncture is not the main treatment of the disease, but, depending on the stage, this practice helps, for example, in the resection of this nodule, the emptying of the lymph nodes in the armpit, among other auxiliary processes, which will complement radiotherapy or chemotherapy.

This area of traditional Chinese medicine helps a lot with the symptoms caused by conventional cancer treatments.

Acupuncture is extremely beneficial for nausea and vomiting, and also has benefits with respect to fatigue and appetite.

It also helps to control the pain felt in the postoperative period and when the tumor is still present. This, by the way, is valid for all types of tumors, not just of the breast.

Even with its prevention not being entirely possible due to the multiplicity of factors related to the onset of the disease, there are some factors, according to the doctor, that seem to influence the chances of women developing breast cancer.

One of the examples and have had the first menstruation before the age of 12; never having had children; have become pregnant after the age of 30; hormone replacement, among others. There are also environmental, genetic and lifestyle factors.

On the other hand, there are some attitudes that help prevent breast cancer, including maintaining healthy habits, which includes a diet low in fatty foods, regular physical activity, low alcohol intake and staying away from smoking.

Acupuncture also helps with prevention, since it has a great benefit, that is, if the woman has experienced a heart attack, sadness or was injured in her femininity, she may end up falling ill due to these traumas.

Traditional Chinese Medicine argues that our mind and body are fully connected, so that feelings can lead to the development of various diseases, including cancer.

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