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Did you know that there are around 10 thousand researchers in Acupuncture coming out every year?

There is plenty of good data on migraines, pain, oncology, digestive disorders, mental health, gynecology issues and respiratory problems. Furthermore there is also information on the safety of acupuncture and on the mechanism of action.

For instance ” The Acupuncture Evidence Project” – A Comparative Literature Review published in 2017.

Where it concludes that within the 122 conditions analyzed:

  • strong evidence supported the effectiveness of acupuncture for 8 conditions
  • moderate evidence supported the use of acupuncture for a further 38 conditions
  • weak positive/unclear evidence supported the use of acupuncture for 71 conditions
  • and little or no evidence was found for the effectiveness of acupuncture for five conditions (meaning that further research is needed to clarify the effectiveness of acupuncture .

Furthermore, chronic pain is common in up to 70% in patients with depression and anxiety disorders

In a conundrum, pain for a long time leads to anxiety. Amygdala and hypothalamus associated with depression and pain

Finalizing, there are lots of studies in limbic system and pain and also in acupuncture modulating the limbic system

The study showed that the limbic/paralimbic regions such as amygdala, hippocampus emerged as network hubs following true acupuncture but not sham 

Omega 3 and fertility 

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